Are you one of those who gets in shape using an electro stimulator at home or do you choose physical exercise? If you are into physical exercise, have you ever thought about starting to practice contact sports ? Just to clarify some doubts about contact sports, in today’s article we are going to explain their benefits and some examples of contact sports.

And if you really want to learn to defend yourself, I recommend that you start looking for classes and dedicate time and effort and if you are looking for self-defense classes, Campió Club Experienc e is the best option. Regarding the classes, they can be boxing, kickboxing, both female and male, what’s more, practicing them you will not only learn to defend yourself, but you will also significantly reduce stress and get rid of all tensions. And maybe that little bit that I know that contributes to a course will end up being fundamental or decisive.



Contrary to popular belief, these contact sports help to avoid conflict, feeling confident, improving mood and achieve a feeling of well-being thanks to the stress-relieving role of any activity in which it is carried out with contact.


The practice of these disciplines requires a high coordination between the different parts of the body. (Recommended for athletes euroroids) Thus, to get combine 1 to 4 fist blows with 1 or 2 leg blows, a great connection between both extremities.


As time goes by, you will notice that you have improved your ability to concentrate, as well as your reaction time. This is such way since during the combats it is required to be very concentrated because, In addition to attacking, you must dodge the opponent’s blows, and that is only achieved being very aware of what the other does.

However, if contact sports are not your thing, but you want to similar results, try another discipline somewhat calmer and of origin also Asian, like many of the contact sports, such as the yoga.

Nos mantiene en forma y jóvenes



It is a combat sport in which two Competitors will face off in the ring using only their fists, that are covered in special gloves. The boxer may only hit your rival from the waist up and your goal is to get the nock
out or K.O.


It is a Korean sport and combines combat with self defense techniques. It differs from karate or other similar disciplines, in which in this sport, leg strikes and kicks are the characters main since they are fast, high and precise.


It is a sport of Japanese origin in which combine the fighting or combat techniques of boxing with those of some arts martial arts such as karate or Thai boxing.

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