What should you do to increase athletic performance in your training sessions?

Increase sports performance What should you do to obtain better performance in your training sessions?

Many times we ask ourselves, What to do in the gym? Could it be that today I start to gain weight? Or, how about a little anaerobic exercise? Whatever your safe choice, you have noticed something: you have not performed as you intended. Either because of low sugar levels, or that you have not trained correctly; There are tricks so that you can finally have the desired resistance. We want to tell you about this today How to gain greater performance in your training sessions? Follow these tips and you will notice the difference.

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To improve, you always have to be 100% dedicated to it

Many athletes through years of dedication and effort have ever found themselves in a stage where their goals are more difficult to achieve. This period can generate frustration is and the worst thing that the athlete in question left the practice of sport for not reaching her goals to this concept we know it as the stagnation period.

Next, we will present several tips that can help us improve performance in our sports, overcome the stagnation period and thus be able to enjoy more and better the practice of our sport and healthy habits.

aumentar el rendimiento deportivo

Consume more carbohydrates

Before training you should have a good level of carbohydrates , these will help you not lose energy so easily. In the same way, you can maintain longer sessions in the gym without problem. Best of all, they are found naturally in food, so you can opt for oatmeal, or slices of whole wheat bread before training.

aumentar el rendimiento deportivo

​​ A little coffee will not hurt you and you will increase your sports performance

Coffee is known to give that little “boost” in our energy. The reason for this is caffeine (which is the same substance found in tea). It is recommended to consume it half an hour before training, to avoid that fatigue that sometimes overwhelms us. In addition, recent studies associate it with an increase in muscle strength, or an erogenic effect .

No excess fat before training

What fats do to your body is detrimental not only aesthetically, but also slows down your metabolism. Nutrient absorption will be slower, as will muscle growth. On the other hand, you will feel more tired, your body will require some extra effort to process them, and as a result you will not be able to maintain an optimal gym session.

​​sports supplements that help you increase sports performance

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Thanks to these little tips you will achieve more productive sessions, you will notice that in the short term. In addition, another little extra is not to tire the muscle completely, or what is considered “reaching failure”. According to recent studies, those who exercise omitting this, in the long term will notice a greater energy output.


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