Aerobic exercise. Cardio and its secrets

ejercicio aeróbico

Aerobic exercise. The secrets of cardio

In today’s article we will inform you about cardiovascular exercise, also known as cardio or aerobic exercise, and all the secrets that it hides are constant and endless questions that are often asked about cardiovascular exercise. They usually ask questions such as, at what time should it be done? At what time of the day do you eliminate more calories and with which more fat? Should you do it on an empty stomach? When is it better to do it before or after to train?

ejercicio aeróbico

Next we are going to solve all kinds of doubts about cardio and its great benefits. The first thing we are going to explain is what cardio is and what it consists of

What is cardio or aerobic exercise? What does it consist of?

The exercise known as cardio is the exercise in which the cardiovascular is worked, this type of exercise has great functions and great benefits, it offers great help to improve your lung capacity, resistance, improve the immune system, at the same time which improves the blood system and strengthens the heart. Aerobic or cardio exercise is also a great help when it comes to defining your calorie burn to get results earlier, and with which the elimination of fat is faster, it is a great help for times in which we are in growth of muscle mass can be achieved by keeping the fat level at bay and trying not to exceed the established limits.

Doing aerobic exercise will help you improve your health levels and your physical aesthetics.

When should it be done? When do you burn the most calories?

If you are going to do aerobic exercise at a certain time of day because it adapts to your work routine, studies and daily training, it is acceptable, on the other hand if you are going to do them at a certain time of day because you think that at that time of the day day you are going to burn more calories and with which you are going to eliminate more fat you are totally wrong.

Cardiovascular or cardio exercise eliminates the same calories and fat at 9:00 in the morning as at 8:00 in the afternoon. Not by doing it at a certain time of day will you burn more calories or fewer calories.

Adapt the aerobic exercise known as cardio to your daily routine and practice or at the time of day that suits you the most and that suits you the most.

Is it better to do aerobic exercise on an empty stomach, yes or no?

For a long time, many years, within the fitness and sports sector in general, there is a belief that the best time of the day to perform cardio and be able to obtain a greater fat burning is during the morning on an empty stomach.

The answer to such a question, whether it is better or not to do cardio fasting, is the following. The first thing you should know is that what people mean by fasting is not really fasting.

If it is true that if you are really fasting, without having consumed carbohydrates practically during the day, you could eliminate a very small percentage, practically something minimal, a little more fat and if it could be that you have some minimal advantage but in very special cases, but of course for this practically the days before this cardio you should not have consumed carbohydrates, something wrong if we want to maintain the maximum amount of muscle mass and manage to keep the glycogen stores full.

Having said this, we inform you that IF it is indifferent to perform cardio on an “empty stomach” or having eaten some food such as breakfast, the amount of calories burned and fat eliminated will be the same and the results will be same.

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At what time of day is it better to do cardio before or after training?

The first thing to say is that from the GoldNUtricion blog and from Sports Diets, it is that the burning of calories and the burning of fat will be practically the same.

Having said and informed about this, we think that cardio is better after performing the exercise, because in your reserves there is enough energy to face weight training at maximum intensity, which is our main objective, a Once we have trained at hypertrophy ranges we can ingest the protein shake calmly, and even have a meal or a couple of meals and after digestion to be able to perform the cardio.,

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