Eat to grow your muscle mass

Nutrition and muscle mass

The number of questions and questions that we are asked daily about nutrition are constant, there are many people who fail in it, fail in nutrition and this is the key for your muscle mass to grow.

There are people who get too complicated when the steps to grow your muscles are easy and simple, nutrition is key to any physical goal.

What should be done to make your muscles grow?

At Gold Nutrition we have always been in favor of counting the calories ingested daily and controlling body weight week after week to verify that muscle mass is gained while keeping fat levels at bay.

The failure comes when people start to count things too much, or start to introduce new trends, it is true that some new trends have served to disprove ancient myths in the world of gyms, but things such as trusting 100% of the clocks that count calories and others, as a reference it may serve but not as a first option.

Another example would be intermittent fasting, if the person must be counting the steps they have taken to eat more or less, every time they eat, be with the application, not eat until it is a certain time for fasting and others, that person will not last two weeks, which in the end counts is having a healthy but sustainable style.

From Gold Nutrition we recommend controlling food and calories but with the trial error formula, obviously an athlete who competes in heavy powerlifting will not eat the same as an athlete who weighs between 80 and 90 kilograms. The ideal is to adjust the diet every two or three weeks according to the weight of the athlete and their body measurements.

What should be eaten to gain muscle mass?

Nutrition is essential for any physical objective, it is the same or even more important because, for example, if you train in a certain way because you think that you are going to define in better conditions but your diet is a diet in which you consume more calories of which you spend your goal with the training that is to define will not be achieved.

The same would happen the other way around if you train a certain way to gain muscle mass but your diet does not reach the necessary calories, you will not be able to increase your muscles.

If you really want to grow your muscle mass, you must nourish yourself with quality food, once we have introduced carbohydrates such as: rice, pasta, potatoes, sweet potatoes, vegetables, whole wheat bread, salad, fruits, oats. Next we will introduce the quality protein: beef, eggs, egg whites, chicken, turkey, salmon, tuna, hake, milk, skimmed fresh cheese, legumes. Protein is one of the most important nutrients because it is responsible for the synthesis of protein, it is responsible for our muscle growth. And last but not least we will add the good fats, here we will introduce foods such as: walnuts, almonds, avocado. In this way we have completed all the necessary sources of nutrients with quality food.

The concept of too much or little food is uncertain since it will depend on your daily expenditure, height, weight. Counting the food that is eaten is important since this way we will be able to reach the objective sooner.

Constancia and sustainable

Consistency in eating and ensuring that both your nutrition and your lifestyle are sustainable is what will make you improve your physique and achieve what you had proposed, it is about moving forward, not staying in the middle way and not getting it.

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