Sports supplementation to gain strength

La suplementación deportiva para ganar fuerza la suplementación para las ganancias de fuerza 2 2

Sports supplementation and gain strength

Today we will talk about the impact that supplements have on strength and intensity during workouts. From Gold Nutrition we always try to be sincere and convey quality information, current and truthful, in the following article it will not be less so if you are interested in supplements and strength, stay tuned and keep reading.

The first thing to know is that supplementation is one more help to achieve physical goals for both strength and aesthetics, that is, 100% will be 10%, with which supplementation is a adds more to physical enhancement.

The problem occurs when either false information such as videos stating that thanks to this supplement you can gain 100 times more strength or, for example, on sites where they say that sports supplementation works magic and that practically without training and without good nutrition you will be able to improve your strength and physique. This is not the case and the reasons will be explained below.

Does sports supplementation really help when it comes to gaining strength in your workouts?

If your question or doubt is if there are supplements that help to gain strength, the answer is yes, without a doubt, in a lower percentage than some people may think, but it does help.

When it comes to natural sports supplementation, this supplementation will help you, but it will not make you gain 100 times more strength or gain strength and lose fat at the same time. This supplementation will help you get that extra bonus in your workouts if you accompany it with optimal rest, intense training and healthy nutrition based on the goal.

It can help you to climb one more step to your intensity and strength but not what was imagined and thought by people who are not very involved in the sector of this sport.

La suplementación deportiva para ganar fuerza la suplementación para las ganancias de fuerza 2 2

What are the best supplements to gain strength?

There are many doubts about which supplements are the best for strength and intensity gains in training, but without a doubt the best are pre-workouts, creatine, glutamine, amino acids and protein. Next we will explain why these are the most efficient to increase strength.

  • Pre-training: the supplement par excellence that helps to gain strength and intensity during training, this is due to the fact that its natural compounds (taurian, caffeine, cyclodextrin) help to achieve a training with greater loads and with greater intensity. It is not advisable to use it every day, or in hours close to night
  • Creatine: this supplement is undoubtedly the most used by athletes, this is because it helps both in the gain of muscle mass and in the gain of intensity and strength in training, it gives us that extra that the body needs to train properly and effectively. You should take 1 gram for every 10 kilograms of body weight, that is, if you weigh 80 kilograms you should take 8 grams.
  • Glutamine: it is a supplement whose function is not to provide more strength if not muscle recovery, but we well know that without a good recovery you cannot progress either outside or in training, which is a vital supplement for load progression.
  • BCCAS and Protein: these are responsible for the creation of muscle mass, so if we combine this with a good structured training, a good rest and a diet according to the gain in strength, we will progress in training both in intensity as in the loads of the exercises.

In stages of muscular and normocaloric gain it is easier to progress in the loads than in definition stages since being in surplus is help for this, in definition it tries to maintain the exercises with the appropriate loads and already trained with them.

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