Foods that you should not consume after training

Unsuitable food for after training

Training to achieve good results and see yourself in fitness involves hours of planning and effort. However, it is not the only thing that will cause effects on your body; so you must consider that food is equal or even more important ; This must be balanced and consider calories and other elements.

Much has been said about what you should eat, but what should you avoid? For this occasion we wanted to focus on it: the foods that you should not consume after your routine !

It is necessary to take into account a well-balanced diet, giving priority to carbohydrates as the main source to consume in the post-training meal to facilitate the rapid replacement of the glycogen used in training. As well as providing a source of quality protein so that damaged muscles begin to repair by supplying amino acids from protein.

We know that after training you can get very tired, and that your body will immediately ask for food. But for this you should not make desperate decisions; You must be planned at mealtime, especially if you are going to compete in bodybuilding or are a professional athlete. You must choose carefully, the ingredients; that do not contain excess fat or fructose.

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Now, let’s see as a list some of the foods that might not be the most effective for you to replenish energy or provide nutrients after training:

Foods like vegetables

Despite their large number of vitamins, vegetables are not rich enough in calories, necessary for your body to regain that energy and that you can feel less tired. Of course, they are good for the diet, given their own nature of not providing fat; but the rest you should avoid them. Ideally, vegetables should be included in the diet as a complement to foods such as chicken and beef, in this way we will ensure that vegetables along with other foods nourish our body and improve our health and physique

Foods such as fast food with excess saturated fat

You may be tempted or have heard from a friend or gym buddy say that “you can eat something greasy after training.” However, we do not recommend it, especially for the familiar hamburger fries menu, as excess fat could slow the absorption of nutrients. In addition, other foods that you will later digest will also be processed more slowly. Andriol – for the best workouts, a product based on the active ingredient testosterone undecanoate Andriol bodybuilding . This kind of food is harmful to health and can eventually trigger cardiorespiratory diseases due to its excess of fat.

Very salty foods

The excess of salt that exists in many foods (especially snacks) has negative effects on our potassium levels. This reduction causes us to feel more tired, and therefore it is not what is desired after training.

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Carbonated drinks, with excess sugar

Excesses are always negative, and it is no exception in the world of fitness and food. The electrolytes that we lose during training are not only replaced with carbonated drinks, since they could be counterproductive and slow down our metabolism. Nothing better than water as a drink, water forms most of our body apart from having essential functions in the body, it is time to start drinking more water and fewer carbonated drinks.

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