Does practicing yoga benefit health and sports?

Yoga is one of the sports that are currently more fashionable, since it is an ancient discipline full of benefits for the person who is practicing this sport. According to several studies and verifications, we have to say that yoga is a medicine for the body and the heart, and also a sport which you can achieve all those goals that you propose in terms of physical condition, since with yoga you get strength , stability and speed.

Today in our blog we are going to give you 9 benefits that yoga has and that benefits our health and sports.

Calms and relieves pain

It is more than proven that yoga relieves the majority of chronic pain, since there was a study in which a group of German researchers compared yoga with some exercise programs, and discovered that, when doing yoga, this pain of neck that people suffered, it hurt even less than half as before.

Help motivate us

The endorphins that are produced when going out for a run, are also produced when practicing yoga. Several studies affirm that, with the practice of yoga, the anxiety and depression of any person is significantly reduced, making them calmer and more positive in life.

Improves concentration

Athletes who practice this sport learn to synchronize movements well with breathing, without forgetting to advance meditation, for which the benefits of providing concentration and mental agility to people are proven.

Keeps us fit and young

Intense sports with a long duration are an oxidant in which it alters cellular DNA, since it accelerates muscle, cellular and brain aging and increases the production of free radicals. In this way and with several studies on this subject, yoga makes you stay younger and in better shape.

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Helps burn calories and maintain weight

This is probably one of the benefits that most attracts people. This sport burns 507 calories while doing it, which is equivalent to running an 11-minute mile.

Helps to rest and reduce stress

The level and state of stress that we have on a daily basis makes many of us unable to rest. If this problem happens to you, we recommend you do yoga, since many studies have found that the benefits of yoga to treat sleep disorders are 100% true. Its postures to stretch and relax the muscles, along with those coordinated breathing exercises that help us lower our heart rate, help us and prepare us for sleep.

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Strengthens the immune system

There are already several studies in which they say that yoga strengthens the body’s ability to protect itself from diseases, not only due to the great positive effect that is generated with the respiratory and digestive system, but also has discovered that doing a two-hour program of gentle yoga, with breathing exercises and meditation causes those genes related to the immunity of blood cells, direct to DNA, to be altered.

Increases energy and physical endurance

This sport, although it may not seem like it, requires a lot of effort, that is, if your goal is to tone or win, yoga is very convenient and ideal for these types of goals, since it not only strengthens the muscular ones and fills you of energy, but in the long run it prevents us from running out of energy.

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