Ursolic acid the treatment of multiple sclerosis

Acido ursolico

In one of the previous articles we talked about what ursolic acid is and how it helps us to generate greater muscle mass, this compound is found in foods such as the skin of blueberries, the skin of apples, in plums, on the skin of grapes … etc.

Thanks to this wonderful compound (ursolic acid) we obtain great benefits for our physique both at the health level and at the visual aesthetic level.

Regarding the visual aesthetic level, we refer to the physical level since ursolic acid is a product that helps to gain more muscle mass and reduce and eliminate the percentage of fat. As for improvements in the body, it is a very effective product that provides us with many benefits, since it helps us to improve and cure osteoroposis and multiple schlorosis, apart from cleaning the body to improve all or most of its functions.

Osteoporosis, what is it?

Bone tissue over time and life is constantly being replaced and remodeled, so that the older cells are replaced by other types of new and healthier cells, in this way the bones and the skeleton can adapt to new and changing loads. But around 35-40 years, there is usually a greater wear on the cells found in the bone system. The effect and result of this is a progressive loss of bone mass and once it reaches a certain level and a certain amount it is called osteoporosis.

The number of people affected by osteoporosis increases in women after menopause, therefore the treatment and use of ursolic acid is more necessary. The bones become more fragile and with a greater risk of suffering trauma and even fractures in our bones.

Multiple sclerosis, what is it?

It is a type of disease that usually appears between the ages of 20 and 40 and that causes a loss of myelin in the body’s central nervous system. These losses come to provoke and cause varied symptoms depending on the affected parts of the brain.

Why a person suffers from this disease is unknown, even so the latest studies affirm that around 15% of patients already have a relative suffering or who has already suffered from this disease, with which there is data that support that there really is a genetic predisposition to suffer from this type of disease (multiple sclerosis).

The demyelization of the central nervous system is capable of causing blockages in the conduction of the affected fibers within one of the affected areas. In it, the myelin sheath that covers the nerves of the nervous system is replaced by sclerosis. Next we will talk about ursolic acid and its benefits against this disease.

Ursolic acid against multiple sclerosis

The latest studies published recently confirm that ursolic acid provides benefits against multiple sclerosis. Study data show that ursolic acid has great agents to enhance its immunomodulatory and neural preparation capabilities against multiple sclerosis.

It does not cause any effect that can damage and acts and has a greater effect in the phases where the disease is chronic and advanced

Haya Labs Ursolic Acid

Ursolic acid apart from finding it in the foods mentioned above we can also find it in a unique and exclusive way in this supplement and sports product. This supplement and product (ursolic acid) will help, apart from improving the physique at a visual and strength level and the body, to fight diseases and act as an antiflamotory against them.

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