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The keys of invisible training

Today in this article we will talk about the keys to invisible training, at first it may sound like something unknown but it really is something we all know, essential keys to achieve any physical goal in terms of aesthetics and health .

Training invisible

On many occasions we have reported on overtraining and about this it has been commented that it is very difficult to reach it and that it is probably not your case. What really exists is a bad diet and a horrible rest and that is precisely where we are giving the key of what invisible training is.

The invisible training is what we do outside of training, what is done outside the gyms, these facts will be the keys to improve and progress in training in the gym.

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What is invisible training?

Eating well, an optimal rest and leading a life adapted to your goals to enhance them to their highest level. This refers to all sports, but especially in strength sports such as fitness, bodybuilding, strogman, powerlifting, sports in which the ideal is to train two hours a day. Exceeding these hours of training would be counterproductive and could lead to non-progress and even injury.

Therefore, in these sports it is where these keys are put into action the most in practice and where more sacrifices must be made, sacrifices that in most cases people do not see. Without this invisible training, progress and results will be almost entirely stopped.

These aspects are essential, such as balancing the macros so that everything goes perfectly, playing with carbohydrates … etc, then we find rest, we have to rest a lot, sometimes make sacrifices in social life to get those essential keys and improve in these types of sports.

Guidelines that must be followed to achieve your goals

When we mean that for an athlete to be overtrained it must be an extreme case, we also mean that we believe more in a bad diet and a bad rest, overtraining may exist in the event that everyone trains the days of the week at high intensity and without a structured training system.

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However, in a bad invisible training, aspects such as not eating enough, eating things that are not in accordance with the objective are more common, more than one and two times during the week, from Friday to Sunday, eating what you want , a break of five hours a day, and more examples which would not be right. It is not that the person is over-trained, it is that the person, athlete or athlete is not performing the guidelines or keys that they must follow, either to achieve health or an aesthetic physical objective.

We advise from time to time to eat something that causes us satisfaction or to go out a while longer than necessary to forget about the routine and have a good emotional stability, but what we do not advise is to do it as a general trend all or most of days of the week, that will only slow us down in our process.

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Training more is not always better, there are many people who do not progress because they fail invisible training.

Sports supplements can be of great help to improve both training in gyms and invisible training. Creatine and glutamine are products of great help to gain strength and achieve a better and more efficient recovery.

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