Foods that should not be missing in your diet to gain muscle

Increase muscle mass. Foods that should not be missing in your diet to gain muscle

If your muscles only grew with physical activity and not based on a complete plan that includes food and routines, everything would be easy. However, the easy goes easy, and that is why you have to be strict! Even in food, if you have the goal of increasing muscle, this last aspect is especially more relevant, in addition to a type of planned training.

Therefore, today we will give you the guidelines of a perfect diet so that your muscles grow and you can efficiently carry out your diet to gain muscle. Let’s see the foods you should eat.

dieta para ganar musculo

Lean meats as a source of protein in your diet to gain muscle

Meats are essential muscle-gaining foods, as they contain high amounts of protein. You can include fish, chicken or beef, and all kinds of protein-rich foods.

The pork may have too much fat and in its consumption you should measure the grams of ingested protein, since in excess it would lead to adverse effects (such as being overweight).

Of course, always keep in mind that your routine must be strict, since you must use the full potential of meats as a source of protein in each workout. Otherwise it will be effort and calories badly invested.

Eggs, high-energy protein in your diet to gain muscle

Ignore that ancient belief that you can only eat one egg per day. Previously it was thought this, because of the “bad cholesterol”; Instead, the reality is that they contain a high rate of vitamins and minerals, as well as proteins with a high biological value, so if you were very strict eating an egg, you already know that you can increase the amount of this food.

Eggs can be an active part of your diet to increase muscle mass and your protein per kilo

Protein sports supplements, shakes and others in your diet to gain muscle

To improve results, there are countless protein shakes on the market. Choose a good brand, with good references from the community and that has excellent value for money . From our sports nutrition store, we offer you a large number of supplements as it can not be otherwise to gain muscle mass such as:

Isoprime CFM Amix Protein: High purity whey protein ideal for defining your muscles and losing weight. It is the perfect complement in diets based on increased muscle mass

Creatine magna power vitorest: It is proven that taking creatine twice a day for 8 weeks considerably increases your strength and muscular endurance. It is widely used to perform more energetic muscle movements.

Glutamine: Amino acid to gain muscle mass that allows you to quickly recover muscle in high intensity workouts.

Protein 100% whey protein: Protein with whey concentrate of high biological value

Remember, you should always focus your training on muscle growth due to hypertrophy; otherwise, excess protein could cause other negative effects. Do not abuse the doses and consult a nutritionist.

In addition to sports supplements, we must take proteins of vegetable origin such as nuts, and dairy products such as fresh cheese with a high protein content.

Rice and carbohydrates in your diet to gain muscle

Good, nice and cheap; rice is part of the diet of the best bodybuilders worldwide. It is the perfect complement to the entire diet, it can accompany meat, and it does not contain many calories. What it does add is magnesium, which will allow you to improve your performance in any sporting activity.

All foods should be seasoned with olive oil.

Do you see that it is not that complicated? What you should consider is the ration according to your muscular work, and always do some cardiovascular exercise to eliminate possible caloric residues.

Try to rest after each workout for at least 24 or 48 hours; at rest, the muscle will grow. Don’t forget!

Today we have set some guidelines for your diet to gain muscle, we will continue to give sports nutrition advice so that you take care of yourself as you deserve

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