Gain muscle and lose fat at the same time, can you?

Getting muscle or eliminating body fat is the great dilemma within the sports community and without a doubt in fitness. This is a great dilemma in which the youngest and novice who are starting to train very recently and even people who have been “training” for years do not know what to do and what process to start, whether to gain muscle or lose fat. Here in this news we will help you know what you should do and how you have to do it. In this way you will make sure you learn how to improve your physique in terms of health, aesthetics and strength.

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Gain muscle and eliminate fat at the same time, can you?

The answer in most cases is that in 99% of cases you can NOT lose fat and build and gain muscle at the same time, it is practically impossible. If it is true that there is only one case in which it is possible to gain muscle mass or muscle at the same time as it is lost and we eliminate the percentage of fat, this happens at the moment that the person or athlete begins to train and begins To change your habits, you have a high percentage of fat and a non-existent or very low muscle mass or muscle. This is the case in which if the person throughout his life his daily and sporting activity has been scarce, null and non-existent and the physique he presents is the one mentioned above, he can lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. once and visibly.

In the other cases it is something impossible, this happens because when your body is gaining muscle it will also gain involuntarily a small percentage of fat. The same thing happens when you eliminate fat, at the same time that you eliminate fat you also lose a small percentage of muscle, the diet always has a great role and more when it is related to sports but it is right at this moment in which the diet and healthy food gets a great role since adding diet and training we will achieve that those losses and those gains are in favor of our physique

To gain muscle and not to exceed the fat percentage: In this case, the level of training, strength, duration and intensity must be taken into account and not to exceed with food, to achieve that surplus but in a slight way, that the body is in surplus but eating in the healthiest way possible. Weekly light cardio sessions (walking, stationary bike, hits) are should and are recommended to maintain muscle shape, strength and definition as much as possible, and to improve the cardiovascular system as much as possible. Gain more muscle than fat. Do not misunderstand eating healthy or not exceeding your surplus by eating little, that is not the case, you should go to training having ingested your carbohydrates, your protein and your good fats and not with just a can of tuna and ten walnuts.

Lose fat and that the muscle percentage is not very damaged due to the deficit: Food always plays a very important role whatever the stage in which our physique is, so that the definition of the muscle is achieved perfectly by eliminating the highest percentage of fat possible and the least muscle should be maintained. levels of protein intake and reducing carbohydrates, once this is done and having carried out the process progressively, all this added to training and cardio which will help us achieve that definition and with which to achieve the goal and improvement of our physique, both in definition, as in muscular quality, as well as in roundness which will make us not see bigger and rockier. The goal at this stage is to lose fat and gain muscle size due to the roundness of the muscles. We have commented that carbohydrates should be lowered, this must be done progressively and if there is not a competition objective in a not abundant way.

A novice who starts training, what does he have to do?

The first thing that must be taken into account is the level of fat percentage, if the fat level is medium-low, a phase of muscle growth also known as the volume phase should be started, instead if its percentage of Fat is medium-high or very high, you should lose weight and rebuild the body, a process which is called body recomposition in which a normocaloric diet will be carried out in which a better point will be achieved and a better version of which is started. But and “if I have been training for a long time and I am not progressing” in this case, the steps that will now be explained must be carried out, all the steps that you read below must be done.

If after years of intense ´´training´´ and hard´´diet´´ there is no progress, what should be done?

The first thing you should know is that if you started training several years ago and started training with 73kg and now your weight is 70kg, I am sorry to tell you that you are not training properly and you are not feeding as you should, if this is you case and you feel identified with it, what you should do is a long stage of muscle growth, once this is done, start with its subsequent definition and there you can see the results and be able to see the gains in muscle mass. Don’t be in a rush to finish the volume stage, all in due time.

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Food to get muscle

The diet consists of three types of nutrients, carbohydrates, protein and good fats.

Hydrates during this phase will be high in our diet, especially before and after training, since it is the greatest source of energy and this is what helps us train at maximum intensity and reduce fatigue or fatigue. remarkable levels. Three examples of carbohydrates: rice, pasta and potato.

Protein is one of the most key nutrients to build our muscle mass since protein synthesis is the most important phase for it. There are several types of foods that contain protein, but it is those of animal origin that have the highest quality and with which we are going to achieve results faster. Three examples of protein: eggs, beef, and chicken.

Good fats are the second most important source of energy for our body, so we must eat food of this type and not leave it aside as it happens in many cases. Three examples of good fats: walnuts, almonds, peanut butter.

Regarding the physical condition during the volume phase, it must be maintained, this means that being in volume means gaining as much muscle as possible and not as much fat, since by gaining muscle a little fat is also gained. We must be careful not to overdo it and do things wrong during the volume, because we can go from gaining muscle to only filling the glycogen stores and once we define these they are emptied and the muscle that we thought we had gained disappears.

Sports supplements are an aid for muscle recovery and growth, protein will be a great help to gain muscle if we combine it with a good training, a good diet and a good rest.

If your case is that you started with 70kg and now you weigh 90kg but with a high percentage of fat and hardly any muscle, what you should do is define, rebuild your physique and from there increase your muscle mass by eating cleanly and training very intensely. Gain muscle the healthy way and get that defined physique you want.

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Muscular definition

This stage consists of eliminating the fat that covers the muscle so that the muscles look more visible, with greater roundness and with greater quality. This will make us look more rocky and with a very good aesthetic. The definition is achieved by consuming fewer kilocalories than we spend.

Cardio and a progressive decrease in carbohydrates during this definition stage are two good allies to carry out this phase. We eat carbohydrates, protein and good fats. During the definition, the good fats must be maintained, make a progressive decrease in carbohydrates and make a progressive increase in protein.

There are several levels of definition, someone who is going to compete in a bodybuilding competition will not reach the same degree of definition than simply someone who aims to be aesthetic. During the definition, phases of unloading and loading of hydrates are carried out, this consists of lowering the hydrates for a few days marked and at the end of raising the hydrates for a couple of days. For example, from Monday to Friday the hydrates would go down and from Saturday to Sunday they would go up. All this process must be carried out in a controlled manner and in the event of competition under the orders of a coach.

Cardio is a good ally due to the fact that many kilocalories are burned through it. This helps to increase the deficit and thereby achieve our daily goal in terms of definition. All this does not mean that we should do hours and hours of cardio during the day, since if our goal is to be big and defined at the same time we must be careful not to catabolize.

It is a no-brainer that when we eliminate fat we drag some muscle mass. Therefore you have to be careful when lowering carbohydrates and not do it too abruptly. The same goes for cardio, the ideal would be to do low-impact cardio to support the maximum muscle mass in our body.

As the definition takes its course, our energy is diminished, since hydrates are what provides us with energy. This will happen weeks or months after starting this phase, when it happens will depend on whether our deficit level is higher or lower. When it happens, our level of loads and strength will be lower and our form of training will vary in a certain way, especially to avoid injuries.

It must be taken into account that the definition phase should last between two and four months since during this stage we do not provide our body with the amount of food it needs.

Without a doubt being muscular and defined will depend on your training, supplementation and diet.

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