The secrets to gain strength

The force and its secrets to get it

Today we will talk about strength, this includes within the training loads, downloads and the operation of strength gains.

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We have decided to do this article since we see many people with quite misconceptions of how to gain strength. We have been given the case of people who have wanted to join our team in order to gain strength and the only training they wanted to do was a type of training in which you only work in short series, this can be a way of approaching the gain of strength but obviously it is not the only way, there are many more.

This is because no matter how short the progression is, it also has an end.

How is the working of training for strength gain?

One of the concepts that should be clear is that strength training does not allow you to always gain strength, there will be moments where there will be stagnation or where the progression in loads will be much less. This is due to the accumulated workload and consequently the fatigue that occurs to the body, it is not possible to gain strength weekly.

It is in these situations that work or training downloads are put into practice since due to the workload we cannot potentially maintain the strength that we are trying to improve.

Downloads within the force, what is their function?

There is a stop and once the progression and the force have reached that stop, the discharge acts as a supercompensation of the load carried out and therefore improves strength and performance.

With which strength is not only that training of short series, there can be and there are, training of longer series in which they serve to gain strength, for example athletes who compete in powerlifting out of season is It is important to work at higher repetitions because in this way we work on hypertrophy, in this way we will work and improve weak points that we have previously detected that weigh us down, these are called stagnation points, and therefore it should not be strength training always at low reps.

At Gold Nutricion we share the idea of ​​doing hybrid training

What are hybrid workouts?

Hybrid training is called this training which is performed the basics such as bench press, deadlift, military press and squat with shorter repetitions as the first exercise, then perform exercises at hypertrophy ranges and to finish the training perform isolation exercises at longer reps.

In this way we will achieve a greater stimulus both in strength and in improvement of weak points.

Loading and unloading, how does force work?

When starting a preparation to gain strength, the first thing to know is in which exercises you want to gain strength and what are your current benefits, normally in the exercises in which you want to gain strength are those mentioned above , bench press, military press, deadlift and squat, these would be the four basics.

You can also meet people of a certain level who want to gain strength in the bicep curl, something that if you already move a certain weight adapted to that exercise can be harmful to both the lumbar and the biceps tendons.

Returning to the four basic strengths, before starting the preparation the maximums of these exercises are requested and once we know them, we start a loading phase in which the objective is to gain strength. In this loading phase we are going to work on those exercises that we want to improve depending on the rm (maximum repetition), this loading phase begins by leaving repetitions in bed and little by little it is tightened more.

In the loading phase there will be a moment in which you will feel more loaded, with more fatigue and at this moment there may be a stagnation or even a loss of strength, this is the moment in which what is put into practice previously referred to as the download phase.

The stipulated time that the loading and unloading phases must last will depend on the sensations of the athlete.

To improve strength, food plays a very important role as well as rest, you need to consume more or at least the same than what is spent.

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