Eliminate localized fat, can you?

Remove localized fat

Today we will talk about the supposed belief that localized fat can be eliminated and in another keep it in a way in which we choose from where we want to eliminate more fat and from where less, and on the other hand we will also talk about If you train a muscle more times, more fat is eliminated in that part of the body, that is, in that muscle.

Magic definitions, eliminate localized fat from where we want, is it possible?

The answer to whether we can intentionally remove fat from certain parts of the body, muscles and localized areas is NO, we cannot intentionally remove fat from certain parts of the body. So if you’ve ever heard that you are shedding more fat from your biceps than your pectoral and you are doing it on purpose, you are totally wrong.

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The body eliminates fat equally in all parts of the body, what happens is that depending on the person, depending on their genetics and depending on their predisposition, fat will be eliminated earlier from one area than from another.

As a general rule, men accumulate more fat in the abdomen area, with which they tend to eliminate fat earlier in areas such as the back and arms and finally in the abdominal area where the fat has been eliminated, those will come to light. so desired abs.

On the other hand, in the case of women, they generally tend to accumulate more fat in the area of ​​the legs and buttocks, with which, as in the case of men, it will eliminate fat more quickly in areas such as, the abdomen and the dorsal than the legs.

First of all, it must be said that there is not enough deficit for the body to withstand fat, so what we want to let you know is that if it is possible to eliminate fat from areas where it costs more for whatever reason remove it, everything is possible with an effective deficit.

By training a muscle more times, do I eliminate more localized fat in that muscle?

During the muscle growth stage, if there is a muscle that is lagging behind and that is difficult to grow, we give that muscle a greater stimulus by training it more times during the week, that is, we go from frequency 1 to frequency 2.

There is a belief that to eliminate localized fat, for example in the chest, we must train it more times during the week, but is this really true? The answer to this is that NO, this belief is not true. You cannot eliminate fat from an area of ​​the body or a muscle by training it more times during the week or by including it repeatedly in your training routine.

What really happens is that by training more, by doing longer workouts and by giving more intensity to the workouts, there is a greater calorie burn, but this burns calories will affect the whole body, thereby eliminating fat both the pectoral and the shoulder of the abdomen, for that reason, no matter how many sit-ups you do, if you don’t really eat healthy, you won’t achieve the goal of marking them.

For this reason, for many biceps workouts that you do to define them, you must be in deficit, taking into account that localized fat will be eliminated in all parts of the body, no matter how much you train one muscle or another.

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