FisioServ provides 8 reasons why go to the physio without injury

In the first place, it should be noted that sports physiotherapy is focused on people who do sports because they need special care and treatments different from a sedentary person. It also works in the prevention of injuries in all sports fields. For a high-level athlete, physical therapy should be included in their training routine at least twice a week , if not every day.

On the other hand, receiving personalized advice if you are healthy is one of the reasons why you go to physiotherapists to ask if you are doing something wrong that increases the risk of injury, if it is Correct such physical activity or what type of complementary exercise can come in handy to alleviate certain ailments. Likewise, the p preventing injuries is very important, since amateur athletes are recommended to go to the physiotherapist periodically, since this way the expert will provide you with the keys to perform exercises on your own, thus preventing different kinds of injuries. Correcting gestures and bad habits is also important , since most body pain comes from a bad gesture or poor posture, so visiting the physio and following his guidelines will be of great help.

In practically 100% of injuries in amateur athletes, Physiotherapy is an essential requirement for the athlete’s recovery to be complete and for its effects to be prolonged over time. Thus, the sports physiotherapist must handle and master a great variety of techniques from the range of Manual Therapy (massage therapy, kinesitherapy, manipulative therapies, etc.), analytical, global and proprioceptive methods of functional recovery, as well as functional bandaging, Stretching Analytical Physiotherapy, isokinetic exercises, hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, thermotherapy and electrotherapy, among other disciplines that are proper for the correct recovery of the athlete. The passive exercises: of mobility, stretching, or massage to relax the tension of the calves or the lumbar region, or other regions, depending on the exercise practiced, can guarantee a reduction in the risk of suffering a injury.

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Finally, physiotherapists, as health professionals, are capable of attending to a series of problems, or of preventing them. But their ability to refer to other professionals is also very useful, according to the needs of the person. Either to other health professionals, or to personal trainers or sports centers, so that the advice of the person regarding exercise and health is as complete as possible.
About Fisioserv
Fisioserv is the most significant home physiotherapy center in Spain. A large group of accredited therapists in this same work have been working in home treatment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 20 years. Fisioserv has served international stars on their way through Spain such as Guns and Roses, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Iron Maiden and Bjork, among many others. The objective of Fisioserv is the recovery of its clients in the shortest possible time giving the highest quality to their treatments that are accompanied by the most avant-garde advances in portable electromedicine.

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