Physical recovery: two types of pain whose sensations you must recognize when training for fitness

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Good and bad pain: in your physical activity you must have two types of sensations in your physical recovery time in order to exercise two types of fitness during your physical recovery.

In physical recovery, “ No pain, no gain ”, How many times have you not heard this phrase? Especially if you are in the world of sports and fitness. It is very common to associate muscle pain with its growth, but new studies have emphasized the fact that this feeling is not always coupled with benefits for the individual. Why? Well, because there are two types of pain: positive and negative that you should be aware of in your routine.

Both types of pain are frequent, but difficult to differentiate. Experts on the subject, such as Francisco Sánchez, Director of the Corpore 10 training center (Spain), affirms that the following should be considered:

The differences between each type of muscle pain that you should know in the type of intense exercise

  • The bad or harmful pain is one that does not allow you to continue with your workouts continuously. In this way, if you feel that you have to stop due to discomfort, then it is an injury and you should rest.
  • good pain is caused by micro fissures, which are subsequently healed by our body and in its physical recovery give way to muscle development.
  • If you feel less fatigue at the beginning of the exercise, and then the pain starts to occur (gradually) then you are training correctly. In other cases, if you start during the warm-up or first few reps, you most likely have an injury.

On the other hand, you should consider that after any training routine (and more if it is of high intensity) you should have a period of rest. Otherwise, the tendons and muscles will be under constant stress, leading to pain. That is why you must respect each phase of training, including your 8 hours of sleep ; which is vital for any athlete be it fitness or bodybuilding. In both branches, be careful.

Supplements that can help you in your physical recovery

Glutamine, which prevents the lack of protein in our exercise, in addition to accelerating the muscle recovery process. Ideal for high resistance workouts that require high muscle recovery. It is perfect for hard physical activity.

Creatine, as we discussed in the other post, is generated by the body naturally and plays an important role in muscle contraction and therefore in performance, which implies generating ATP that is in our body in few doses, and What creatine does is increase ATP to give you more.

How did you feel the pains in training? Have you managed to differentiate them? We hope that with this information you will have a better experience during your sessions. Whether at the gym or at home, you should keep the aforementioned guidelines in mind. Don’t forget, and keep trying.

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