Is it possible that you do your exercise routine and have to reduce muscle pain the next day?

Is it possible that you do your exercise routine and have to reduce muscle pain the next day?

Going to the gym or doing routines at home is great; whatever your sport, surely you have set the goal of training at least 3 days a week, right? But surely you have noticed something: the muscle pain that now invades you. Many may tell you that it is normal, and that it is necessary to achieve good results, however, those opinions have changed thanks to recent research. What is the cause of this pain? How to reduce it?

Exercise routines can be effective without reaching pain, so says the sports medicine specialist at Valencia Futbol Club. Who, in addition, talking to the local media, warned about excessive repetitions or over training that can affect you even in activities such as jogging.

Other approaches indicate that this pain is not due to lactic acid as previously believed, but to micro fissures in the muscle tissue. In any case, with the exercises executed progressively and without exceeding the weight or repetitions adjusted to our condition, this can be reduced or eliminated completely.

What to do if I am already suffering from muscle pain?

Now, if you want to reduce muscle pain, there are certain guidelines to follow. Let’s see them thoroughly:

  • Rest : The first and most effective factor you should consider is rest. 1 or 2 days may be necessary, also apply gentle and very specific massages to the affected area.
  • Cherry juice: Consuming this sumo (at least 340 milliliters a day) can reduce muscle pain. The secret is in its flavonoids and anthocyanin.
  • Consume potassium : Potassium can help you hydrate the body and obtain energy for exercise, but at the same time, recent studies have confirmed that 3,500 milligrams a day can help reduce pain after exercise .

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While there is still no totally effective way to reduce muscle pain in its entirety, as it may be due to genetic or external factors; If it is true that these tips will be useful to reduce it. This way you can have a more productive training week


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