Rest and muscle recovery in the world of fitness

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Rest and muscle recovery

In this article we will talk about rest and its importance within sports, especially focused on people who exercise in gyms with loads seeking to increase their muscle mass and thus grow and look bigger and with better size in in terms of muscles and muscle quality.

How important is rest in muscle recovery?

Within the world of fitness you have surely heard the three main keys to achieving a good physique, which are to eat healthy, train and optimize a good rest. Well, rest is of great importance both in the process of muscle definition and recovery, since it helps us to preserve greater muscle mass and to improve the tone and quality of the body, both in muscle growth processes and during rest and muscle recovery in this process is when our body puts into practice the synthesis of protein, a process in which our muscle mass grows.

Therefore, if your training is intense and with a good structure, the importance of rest in this case is truly high and the results thanks to it are excellent as well as quite noticeable. One of the reasons why there are people who do not achieve their physical goals is because of their bad rest, since they sleep or rest very little and this prevents them from improving physically. According to the latest studies, for rest to be effective enough, you should rest between 8 and 10 hours a day, the more the better.

In phases of muscle growth, the optimal thing is to train five days during the week and rest two, on these two days of rest if you have really given everything during the week during training and you comply with the daily dose of protein, your muscle mass.

On the other hand, if your goal is to define the muscle, you can even train six days a week, the truly optimal thing would be to train between five and six days and do some cardio every day, both to improve the cardiorespiratory system and To help definition, in this phase the rest would change to one or two days in terms of work in the gym with loads.

Rest if you really deserve it

Rest if you really have earned it, what we really mean in this sentence is the following, if rest is very important but another of the great problems, not to say the biggest problems that exist within the world of Gym and fitness are those people who, because they think that there is going to be a certain overtraining, wrong thing and given in very few cases (for a quick result we recommend Anastrozol preis), are not going to progress and are not going to achieve their physical goal. What happens in reality is precisely the opposite effect to that expected since because the muscle has not received enough stimulation to grow and to obtain effects at the level of quality and muscle tone, the physique will worsen.

Rest if you have really trained very intensely, rest if you have done a structured training from which you have left without being able to give more, you have to optimize the rest but when the body really needs it, it is better to train more than training less and not getting the expected results.

What supplements can help us rest? And at the break?

The quintessential supplement that will help us get a long and deep rest is melatonin, this natural supplement should be taken once a day, one capsule before sleeping and mixed with water.

Casein is the supplement (protein) that will help us during rest in the synthesis of protein since thanks to it we obtain better results.

Rest is also important at the health level since its effect improves the body and physical appearance.

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